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We fight against the Neglected Tropical Diseases in
Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are

An independent, non-denominational NGO with international vocation and presence, committed to the citizenship, to the people that support us and to the NGO sector.

Who are the leading actors?

The most vulnerable populations, women, children, people in extreme poverty and highly vulnerable people who are affected by the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) with whom we work in each particular context.

Where we work

We focus our work in sub-Saharan Africa, with 90% of the global burden of the Neglected Tropical Diseases affecting annually more than 1,000 million people. Consistent with our commitment to the realization of the Human Right to Health, we focus on the most neglected diseases that affect the most vulnerable, impoverished and forgotten populations on the planet.

Who we work with

Throughout our history we have mainly worked with local organizations, NGDOs like us that had the knowledge and capacities in order, with our support, to improve the health of the communities most in need. We incorporate governments as holders of obligations and we join the holders of rights, communities in which we work in order to make them participants. In addition, we facilitate the collaboration of other agents, research centres, foundations, universities; which are key to get the best results.

How we work

Contributing towards eradicating diseases such as Buruli ulcer, yaws, lymphatic filariasis or leprosy is not a task that can be undertaken alone. It requires collaboration between NGDOs, governments, local organizations, research centres ... It involves a comprehensive and agreed strategy to get greater impact and results. We develop our work on the ground, in the countries, under the principles of prevention and accompaniment. Not only do we cure the sick people, but we also promote healthy life habits that prevent the disease and this is why we work on hygiene, sanitation or food, for example.

Our health projects address the following areas:

  • Nutrition
  • Water and sanitation
  • Training
  • Energy
  • Health centres
  • Health systems
  • Decent work

What can you do

Do you want to help us in our fight against neglected diseases?

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