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We want to be allies. We want you to be part of the story. At Anesvad we believe that the companies are the real agents of social change. "Allies" is a collaborative Anesvad-company space which places value on the importance of joint work between ONGDs and private companies committed to change.

In "Allies" the companies and Anesvad commit to making the invisible visible, to realizing the right to a better life for the most neglected people. Together, we will focus our efforts in combating the Neglected Tropical Diseases which most people have not heard of but exist and which include many which can be cured or prevented. Because they exist and affect millions of people but for which there is a solution, we want to count on you, as a responsible and caring company. Because Anesvad by itself cannot achieve this, we encourage you to join our project.

Miguel Angel Ruiz

Miguel Angel Ruiz Director of customer services ROS.0

“We are very proud to be working with Anesvad, as it enables us to raise awareness about an issue as important as the right to health amongst the general public. At the same time it is a highly satisfying exercise, enriching us as individuals.”

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