Affected Population

Disability associated with neglected diseases

Disability associated with neglected diseases
  • Benin Country
  • 2.454.470 € Investment
  • 2022-23 Length

The Challenge

Disability associated with neglected diseases continues to be one of the most discriminatory factors for those suffering from these diseases.

Although the active detection of cases makes it possible to manage the majority of cases in time, there are still many people whose diagnosis comes late and who have a poor prognosis of being cured. Figures from 2021 show that 29% of detected cases already have an associated disability.

Disability and the after-effects of neglected diseases limit the chances of schooling, marriage, employment and healthy social relationships.

The solution

This joint proposal with the Federation of People with Disabilities of Benin (FAPHB) is primarily focused on promoting the social reinsertion of people with disabilities in Benin, particularly those who have been victims of NTDs. the aim is to:

  • Reinforce the technical and operational capacities of the FAPHB and its departmental networks to better implement and coordinate activities that promote the fight against the stigmatisation of this group.
  • Step up an awareness-raising and communication activities to fight against stigmatisation at both the local and national level.
  • Conduct a study to gain more in-depth knowledge of the group’s circumstances and needs.
  • Create forums for cooperation between the Ministry of Social Affairs and the associations for the defence of the rights of people with disabilities.


Our ultimate goal is to promote and defend respect for the social and economic rights of people with disabilities in Benin.

The aim is to promote physical and mental health, including full recovery.The technical capacities of the FAPHB and its network in 12 departments are strengthened, particularly in the fight against discrimination against people with disabilities associated with NTDs.

Information, communication and awareness-raising activities are being organised to promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities, including women and the most vulnerable people affected by NTDs.

Benin’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Justice includes the specific needs of people with disabilities on its agenda

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