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LRI: The International Alliance to end leprosy

LRI: The International Alliance to end leprosy
  • Regional Country
  • 600.000 € Investment
  • 2020-23 Length

The Challenge

We have joined forces with the Leprosy Research Initiative (LRI), an international consortium to improve the diagnosis and research of leprosy and fund initiatives that contribute to these endeavours.

Leprosy is an NTD which has historically generated stigma around people suffering from it. If it is not diagnosed in its initial phase, it can leave permanent marks on the skin, nerves, mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and eyes.

Although it is not an easily transmissible disease, leprosy’s origins and new and more effective treatment to combat it are still being researched today.

The solution

In 2013, the Leprosy Research Initiative (LRI) was launched, an initiative of NLR, ALM, DAHW and effect:hope, all of which are partner organisations with the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP). In 2020, we joined this consortium to strengthen work to eliminate leprosy from the most impoverished places.

Through LRI, we support projects to combat leprosy on different fronts by:

  • Improving its forms of diagnosis.
  • Providing assistance for disability associated with the disease.
  • Supporting operational research.
  • Raising awareness to combat stigma and discrimination.
  • Researching its modes of transmission.


By supporting initiatives to fight against leprosy, we will ensure that people suffering from it can participate in the development of their communities and lead a stigma-free life.

Furthermore, we will strengthen research into new diagnosis tests that are faster and more effective; we will help to map out areas and communities in Africa where leprosy is more widespread; and we will design monitoring and follow-up models on the disease to avoid its incidence increasing.

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