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Neglected Tropical Diseases

We improve the health of the most forgotten people


12 months

127.250,12 Euros

  • 15 communities
    most affected by Buruli ulcer
  • 15 communities
    with no quality health service
  • 34 healthcare agents will be trained in the project.
    will be trained in the project.

Togo is a tiny country in West Africa. We have been developing projects in the country since 2010 mainly related to the fight against the Buruli ulcer but also focusing on improving the healthcare service received by pregnant women before, during and after the birth. With interventions in these two areas we have managed to improve the quality of the health in the communities where we act.

We take a further step with this project, and we aim to reduce the morbidity associated to the skin diseases, particularly Buruli ulcer, leprosy and yaws in 15 towns in the country where there is little access to healthcare infrastructure.

Our goal

With the experience accumulated since 2010 in the fight against Buruli ulcer in the country, we find that although it is true that the impact of the disease is low, there is a big problem of access to healthcare services for people who suffer from ulcers in general or other skin pathologies. This is why with this project we are taking another step in order to include other types of diseases.

What we're doing here

• We boost the knowledge of the people who live in the towns in order to improve the early detection of the disease and to be able to improve the healthcare service for the sick people.

• Improve the capacity of the area’s healthcare personnel in order to recognise the clinical signs of these diseases.

• Improve the early detection and the medical service for the patients affected by these diseases, thanks to the coordination of all of the agents involved.


Who we're helping


  • Children
  • People affected by the Buruli ulcer (about 50 cases per year)
  • People affected by injuries and traumatisms (24048 in 2014 in the 3 prefectures)
  • People affected by other skin lesions (5061)
  • Old age people
  • Young people



With the experiences acquired from previous projects we have realised that these issues must always be tackled through the communities. The awareness and information sessions which are held in those towns are the best instruments for reaching the population and making them understand about the disease.



What can you do

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