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Neglected Tropical Diseases

Buruli ulcer, fighting the forgotten disease


4 years

293.671,48 Euros

  • Early detection
    to act in time and avoid further consequences
  • Buruli Ulcer
    a neglected disease
  • Children
    are especially affected

The National Anti-Buruli Ulcer Programme (PNLLUB) seeks health coverage for sufferers lacking such care throughout the country.

Benin is one of the poorest countries in occidental africa. Buruli ulcer is a skin disease affecting young girls and boys which can be treated with an early detection. Anesvad started fighting against buruli ulcer in 2002 and during all this years our goals have been to control and garantee a better life quality for people affected.


Our goal

Contributing to early detection of Buruli Ulcer in the most vulnerable areas and ensuring high-quality health care for people suffering from the disease.

What we're doing here

We are working on early detection and access to health services for sufferers of Buruli Ulcer.

Who we're helping

People suffering from Buruli Ulcer. We are also working with staff from the health system who invest their time and work in combating the disease, and take part in awareness-raising activities, especially in endemic areas.


Since we began work, control of the disease in the public health system has been tighter. It is estimated that nearly 1,000 new cases of Buruli Ulcer are diagnosed each year. Patients receive treatment through the structures of national programmes.

Kehossa Appollinaire (community promoter)

“The consequences of Buruli Ulcer can be prevented with good early detection and it can be cured”

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