Solidarity projects for promoting health

Safe childbirth in Ghana


24 months

348.817 euros Euros

  • We are training more than 100
    traditional midwives
  • 18.000 persons
    are being attended to in the different communities
  • 6.000 women
    and/or mothers are being attended to

The Akatsi district is located in south-eastern Ghana. It is an area of difficult access with poor health facilities and a ratio of one doctor/nurse for every 70,000 people.

Our goal

Contributing to reducing maternal and infant mortality rates by improving care before, during and after delivery in 30 communities in the Akatsi district in Ghana.

What we're doing here

We are creating a baseline for maternal and children's health in the target communities; we are training more than 100 traditional midwives. We are providing expectant mothers with greater information and raising their awareness. We are training mothers (in nutrition and prevention of the most common illnesses affecting children aged under five). Community-level empowerment activities (creation of mothers' clubs and neighbourhood committees).

Who we're helping


  • 6.000 pregnant women and/or mothers in 30 communities.
  • 6.000 children aged under 5.
  • 6.000 families from the target communities.

Duty-bearers (obligations):

  • The local and district health system.

Duty-bearers (responsibilities):

  • 20 women's groups from selected communities.
  • 100 traditional midwives.

The 30 beneficiary communities have seen an increase in the number of services and tools available to pregnant women, mothers and children aged under 5, and an improvement in access to maternal and child health care. Communities and stakeholders have also been involved more actively in the running of the local health system and in demanding fulfilment of health-related rights.

Olivia Atsiade (Traditional midwife)

“I’m happy because I know the boys and girls are happy”

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