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Restoring life in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast

12 months

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The Department of Béoumi was occupied by rebels during ten years, all along the duration of the conflict in Ivory Coast (2002-2011). The health structures of the area are in a tumbledown state after having been abandoned for so long and most of the equipment has been stolen or destroyed. Health services are understaffed and there is only one protection service targeting the health of mothers and children in the whole health district. The decline of the Right to Health affects especially women and children. Diseases such as buruli ulcer and leprosy can not be reduced in such conditions.

Our goal

Improve the health of mothers and their children under five in 40 communities of the Department. In 2007, every three hours two women died from causes related to childbirth. Maternal mortality has increased in the last years, reaching 614 per 100,000 live births in 2002. We'll also improve health infrastructures and train health staff.

We'll work on early detection of disabilities as Buruli ulcer and Leprosy.

Improve sensitization and knowledge about both illness among the population.


What we're doing here

Working closely with people who have responsibilities in the management of health services, we focus our efforts in improving and strengthening the capacities of the target group: mothers and the most vulnerable people from the identified communities. For dealing with the Maternal and Child Health in a comprehensive way, the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) strategy will be put in practice.

It consists of:

-          Improvement of infrastructures and equipment of eight health centers of the District.

-          Reinforcement of the capacities of health staff through training, awareness-raisings, creation of committees for health management, etc.

-          Promotion of family and community healthy practices through training, focus groups, awareness-raisings, etc.

Who we're helping

Women and children, who are the main victims of this situation. Through this project we are working chiefly with women of childbearing age and with children under five in areas of influence of the five health centers selected by the health District. Moreover, the district’s health staff and the of Health Management committees are  being involved.


We have rehabilitated the infrastructures in order to ensure a better quality of health care in the health centers of the district. Thanks to the project, the attendance rate of the centers has increased from 31% to 41.16%. Nearly 94% of women have attended all of the prenatal consultation. This represents a neat progress in the control of pregnancies.

Eguzkiñe Muñoz (Africa Proyect Area)

“When you have the opportunity to discover the country ypu realize the hard contrast between the wealth of the few and the poverty of the majority”

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