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The world needs socially responsible companies that are committed to their environment and willing to provide solutions to the complex problems that society faces here and in sub-Saharan Africa.

At Anesvad we partner with companies to fight for the Right to Health of the most forgotten people on the planet. We like to take action and make things happen. This collaboration helps us to be better, more efficient and go further.

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Deductions for donations

Legal entities can deduct 35% of the donation from their corporate income tax.

And they can deduct 40% when they have donated an equal or greater amount to the same organisation in the current year and in the two previous years.

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Answers to your questions

We help you with whatever you need.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that may be of help to you. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you.

As a company, how much can I deduct for tax purposes?

Companies can deduct 35% of the donation, and this deduction can be increased to 40% if donations have been made to the same organisation in the previous two years.

Can we do pro bono projects?

Together, we can explore partnerships that involve the exchange of professional services that provide mutual learning and align with the strategic vision of both organisations.

When do I receive my tax certificate?

The tax certificate is sent in March of the year following the donation. However, if the company needs it when it makes the donation or at another time, we will send it as required.