Our team

We are a young and enterprising team of professionals with extensive experience in fields such as International Cooperation and Solidarity, Sociology, Medicine, Politics, Communication, Marketing, Economics, Human Resources, Administration, Quality and Systems.

Our goal is to make our best contribution to Anesvad's Mission and to promote and safeguard the right to health.

Anesvad has an advisory board made up of leading figures from the fields of co-operation, jurisprudence, medicine and relations with public authorities.

We are a young and enterprising team of professionals

How we're organised

  • Management

    “Brings visibility to the foundation“

    Management works to make "our NGO open to the general public, striving to realise the vision of enabling vulnerable populations to fulfil their right to health".

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    Bernardo García Izquierdo

    General Manager

    Bernardo García Izquierdo has been the General Manager of the Anesvad Foundation since October2008. He holds a PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from Deusto University (Bilbao) where heworked for 14 years as lecturer, researcher and head of the European Master in InternationalHumanitarian Aid. Later he worked as independent consultant, trainer, facilitator and researcher indifferent areas related to development cooperation. He has advised international bodies, researchcentres, NGOs and foundations and formed part of the team of trainers of the United Nations SystemStaff College for its Early Alert and Prevention of Conflicts programme, and collaborated with theUnited Nations Development Group as professional facilitator of the workshops for the UnitedNations initiative on Joint Programming Processes to define the United Nations DevelopmentAssistance Framework in each country. He was a Euskalit assessor on management quality accordingto the EFQM European model, holds a diploma from the Santiago de Chile Development University asOntological Coach and is the author of various publications in the aforementioned areas.

  • Co-operative projects

    “Supports promotion and protection of the right to health”

    Highly qualified and committed people. The team is divided into four geographical areas – Latin America, Asia, Africa- with an additional area of social action working to support people from our immediate area.

    More about the Development Projects Manager

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    Sara Peña Astorquia

    Development Projects Manager

    Sara Peña Astorquia has a degree in Economic Law from Deusto University, with postgraduate studies in Business Law at Connecticut-Stamford University (USA), and Coach with a Diploma from the Rafael Echevarria International Ontological Coaching School (Chile). She started her career working as Market Analyst for the Spanish Ministry of Economy at the Economic and Commercial Department of the Spanish Embassy in Brasilia. Afterwards, and for over eight years, she led the International Department of an engineering company in the food sector dedicated to performing rural development and food security projects for the main Multilateral Finance Institutions and Development Cooperation Agencies in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Since November 2011 she has been Anesvad’s Manager of the Development Projects Unit, where she leads the multi-year cooperation strategy and manages the operational plans together with a team of 20 people.

  • Social communication

    “We tell stories of rights”

    Working to spread information and raise awareness on the right to health. A dynamic young team, divided into two areas: Information and Awareness Raising, and Social Marketing.

    More about the Communication Manager

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    Pilar Matías Gurrea

    Communication Manager

    Pilar Matías Gurrea holds a degree in Information and Communication Sciences from the University of the Basque Country (UPV_EHU) and Karlstad University, Sweden. She is a specialist technician in Development Cooperation and International Humanitarian Aid from the UPV-EHU, Deusto University and University of Louvain La Neuve. She has a diploma as ontological coach from the Santiago de Chile Development University. Assessor under the Euskalit quality Advanced Management Model. She has worked as a journalist in different media and as Press Advisor in the Basque Government Department for Housing and Social Affairs, and for its public companies (Visesa, Orubide, Alokabide and Bizigune) for two parliamentary terms. In the cooperation sector, she has worked as an aid worker in Cuba for the ANNF NGO within the framework of the European Commission Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) Programme and as consultant in El Salvador, for the same NGO. Since 2009 she has been the Manager of Anesvad’s Communication Unit, where she manages, with a team of fourteen people, the activities related to awareness, volunteering, public service and fund raising in Bilbao and Madrid.

  • Administration and Finance

    “Plans and administers the available resources transparently and effectively“

    They have a great sense of responsibility and commitment to our donors, ensuring transparency and compliance with our mission.

    More about the Administration and Quality Manager

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    Gorka Goikoetxea Rico

    Administration and Quality Manager

    Gorka Goikoetxea has a degree in Communication Sciences, in the Advertising speciality, and a Master’s degree in Marketing from the University of the Basque Country. He currently collaborates as lecturer on this Master programme. He started his career in the advertising sector working in Madrid for 7 years in two international firms managing the accounts of national and international brands. Afterwards he came to the Basque Country where he continued his career as Director of Customer Services and Commercial and Marketing Manager. In 2010 he joined the team of the Anesvad Foundation as Head of Marketing. Since 2013 he was been the Manager of the Administration and Quality Unit where he is in charge, together with a team of 8 people, of the finance, human resources, systems and quality. He has formed part of the EFQM self-assessment team in Anesvad and is Euskalit assessor in quality under the Advanced Management Model.

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