We are

We help the most vulnerable people.
We are where nobody looks.
We work with people nobody looks at.
We research diseases people ignore.
We develop projects that bring about change in societies, people and countries so they can have a quality health system.

We are where nobody else is

where nobody else is

Universal health is a right, not a privilege.

At Anesvad Foundation, we have spent over 50 years working to guarantee access to health
for people who live in the world’s most impoverished communities.

We create opportunities to improve their future through initiatives and projects that change
their reality.

Not forgetting them means to not forget who we are and what we do.

Meet our team

We fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa, strengthening public
health systems from a human rights focus.

Meet our team
Anesvad Team
Anesvad Team