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About the Anesvad Awards

In conjunction with World Africa Day, we are creating a platform of knowledge, learning and ideas. Because together we can have a greater impact and ensure greater development.

We have spent years strengthening organisations that fight to bring health to Africa, and luckily their impact has improved the lives of millions previously forgotten.

Eighth Edition of the Anesvad Foundation Awards

A platform of knowledge, learning, debate and idea exchanges.

The eighth edition
VII. Edición Premios
VII. Edición Premios

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Fatima Djarra De Almeida Sani

Lifetime achievement award

Almost 45.5% of women aged between 15 and 49 have suffered genital mutilation in Guinea-Bissau, and for Muslim women the figure is as high as 95%. Faced with this situation, Fatima Djarra de Almeida Sani has founded Dunia Musso in the said country.

Fatima was born in Guinea-Bissau, and although the majority of her professional career has been spent outside of her home country, she has never forgotten her roots.

Wassu Gambia Kafo

Educational initiative for social transformation award

Aware of the need to be anthropologically respectful in his work, given how deep-rooted in tradition the practice is, conferring as it does ethnic and gender identity, WGK has developed a unique methodology based on generating knowledge, establishing scientific evidence as to the health consequences, and cascade dissemination to all target groups. 

This entity has been working since 1989 on preventing and treating FGM in Gambia and among the migrant population in Spain.


Track record in development co-operation award

Its work is based on ensuring access to Human Rights for the local child population (Right to healthcare, access to drinking water, to live with dignity, to food, etc.) using as its working guide the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Its activities are focussed on the healthcare centre they have set up in Lokitaung in the region of North Turkana close to the borders with South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Eki Fundazioa


This award-winning project is key to providing adequate health coverage for mothers and children from the health and maternity centre of Ndaba, in the Mwanga commune, north-east Burundi. 

Ventana a la Diversidad

New Ventures

This award went to the project “Otherwise”, a cooperative game that seeks to raise awareness around migrant and indigenous youth.

Ventana a la Diversidad (Window to Diversity) is an association that was created in 2016 in Donostia/San Sebastián. Its mission is to promote intercultural dialogue through creativity and art.

Videssur ONGD

New Ventures

The award-winning project Videssur focuses on pregnant women in rural areas of Ethiopia and facilitates the monthly monitoring of their pregnancy from the third month and then fortnightly from the sixth month onwards. 

Since 2005, VIDESSUR has driven forward activities of training, awareness-raising and specific action via workshops, national and international fieldwork, development cooperation projects and sponsorship.  



Our award went to a project entailing the construction of a health centre and maternity ward in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Medicusmundi has dedicated 50 years working for the Right to Health to be a right within everyone’s grasp.


New Venture

The initiative “Strengthening health and social rights for the Congolese albino population under equal opportunities” fosters the socio-health integration of albino people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

FISC (the Social Innovation Foundation for Culture) aims to promote international cooperation projects for development in the Global South.

Salud Por Derecho


This award-winning project is put forward as a communication and public seminar campaign that advocates a reflection on the global access to medicines.

A non-profit foundation formed in 2003, Salud por Derecho (Health by Right) defends human rights so that everyone, regardless of where they live, can exercise their Right to Health.



The award-winning project “Promoting best practices in Sexual and Reproductive Health in the towns of Lambidou and Fassoudebe, Mali” contributes to women and local institutions strengthening their capacities in the promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health”.

The aim of this feminist association of international cooperation is to contribute to women’s empowerment, the full exercise of their rights and to attaining gender equality.

Etiopía Utopía


The award-winning project “The empowerment of girls and women through MHM (the menstrual hygiene programme)” aims to break taboos and normalise menstruation in the agricultural communities of Messanu and Tsabat (Ethiopia).

This organisation, founded in San Sebastián, looks for solutions to serious problems faced by the region of Tigray, Ethiopia.

Begira Elkartea


Our award went to “25 Hogeita Bost”, a multidisciplinary project that combines plastic and visual arts, performing arts and multimedia technology, working as an open lab for research, experimentation and creativity for students.

This Bizkaia-based organisation uses audiovisual supports as a tool of social transformation, helping to stimulate the imagination, creativity and the critical gaze by way of activities that contribute to empowering people.

África Avanza

New Ventures

The aim of this project is to identify areas of technical differentiation that respond to health problems which, until now, lack a specific response in Cabo Verde. It is also set up for the entire national territory. 

This non-profit independent association from Bizkaia province seeks to promote and carry out Development Cooperation projects in the most disadvantaged social communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, contributing to reducing poverty and improving people’s safety and quality of life.



This initiative looks to improve the health of people with sickle cell disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

ONAY’s mission is to foster general and personal and social development by combatting poverty and creating education and health in countries from the South, as well as working with other organisations to influence awareness and structures from the North. 

Aigua per al Sahel


This award-winning project looks to provide supply infrastructures of drinking water and reinforce the management of hydraulic infrastructures in the La-Toden department of Burkina Faso.

Aigua per al Sahel works with cooperatives and rural associations from Burkina Faso, in countries from the south, the leading figures in different hydraulic projects developed by associations. 

Solidaridad Internacional


This award-winning project seeks to drive forward a process of social transformation through training, awareness-raising and the vindication of African women’s human rights.

Since 1989, the organisation has set out to support and give a voice to the poorest people on the planet, in addition to eradicating poverty and inequality by tackling the economic, religious, cultural and environmental causes.  


New Ventures

This project seeks to improve clinical care for the victims of female genital mutilation via the training and empowerment of traditional nurses and midwives in Liberia.   

The African Women’s Research Observatory (AfWORO) came into being in 2017 to contribute to improving women’s physical, mental and social health in Africa.

Matres Mundi


The initiative looks to contribute to improving the situation of children’s health in Ethiopia and involves setting up the first school of Perinatal Medicine in the country.

Since 1996, they have worked exclusively to improve the health of mothers and children where most needed.

Ojos del mundo


This project aims to combat blindness in Mozambique and to strenghten women’s empowerment.

Ojos del mundo (Eyes of the World) works with Mozambique’s health authorities to improve the Inhambane population’s access to eye care.    

Clavel Foundation

New Ventures

The aim of the project is to create a Neurosurgery Unit in Ethiopia via an agreement between the Adama General and University Hospital and the International Addis Abeba Brain and Spine Hospital. 

The Dr Clavel Foundation came into being in 2014 in Barcelona with the objective of providing health care, medical assessments and surgery treatment.


New Ventures

This project looks to improve access to water and sanitation for 5,500 people to reduce cases of death and disease in the neighbourhood of Maluana, one of the poorest in Manhiça (Mozambique).  

Ongawa is an NGDO with a mission to make technology available for human development to build a more just and solidary society.

Adelante África

New Ventures

This award-winning initiative seeks to give continuity to a specialist medical care project in a rural area of Uganda. 

Adelante África (Forward Africa) looks to join and support projects for educational and agricultural development that originate from the local community.

Zerca y Lejos


The award-winning project seeks to improve health care for populations in the sub-departments of Djoum, Mintom and Bengbis (Cameroon).

Zerca y Lejos aspire for the dignity of all human beings to be recognised and to improve their quality of life by making tools, knowledge, infrastructures and required support available.

Mundo sano


This initiative looks to develop strategies to control Strongyloides stercoralis and other geohelminths with a strong incidence rate in the rural area of the north-east of Ethiopia, around Bahir Dar (Amhara region), and to act with a programme of prevention, hygiene and sanitation.    

Mundo Sano (Healthy World) is a family foundation with a mission to transform the life of people affected by neglected diseases, those that affect the most vulnerable population and with serious consequences for the health of those suffering from them. 



This award-winning project aims to increase the training capacities of professionals in the public health system around paediatric ophthalmology.  

Ocularis looks to eradicate avoidable and curable blindness, strengthening the training capacities of teachers in the most disadvantaged countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Paliativos Sin Fronteras


This initiative aims to implement palliative care in the Centre Region of Cameroon.   

Paliativos Sin Fronteras (Palliatives without Borders) was established in 2009 as an NGDO which aims to support actions geared towards alleviating the suffering of the sick and their families, particularly those with an advanced, progressive and/or terminal disease.    

Orthopaedic Surgeons Around the World

New Ventures

This award-winning project relies upon the collaboration of a hospital doctor and healthcare staff receiving training in a speciality as well as ongoing information via email and WhatsApp.

Spanish Orthopaedic Surgeons Around the World COEM is an NGO focused on providing specialist medical care in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology for people with illnesses and locomotor apparatus injuries who have no access to this type of care.    

“Hospital Aita Menni” Hospital Sisters

New Ventures

An award-winning project which seeks to provide a care-based approach to mental illness in a country such as Liberia, which, after 14 years of war, has been affected by the biggest global Ebola epidemic.   

This institution offers care and rehabilitation for people with mental illness and disability, with the person suffering at the centre of their mission and work.

Hortsmann Foundation

New Ventures

This project fights against child malnutrition in the zone of Turkana North through visits to towns to identify malnourished children and offer them treatment and monitoring. 

The Pablo Horstmann Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation, with a clear goal of providing social aid and development cooperation and drawing inspiration from principles of social justice.

Sanfeliu Foundation


A project which aims to contribute to improving the eye health of the population in the Kolda region (600,000 inhabitants) of Senegal.

In 2005, Dr Rafael Ferreruela and Dr Andrea Sanfeliu (Clínica Ilo) founded the Ferreruela Sanfeliu Foundation with the goal of promoting, strengthening and acting to improve the health and well-being of people in the physical, psychological and social sphere.

Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation


This project is based on the opening of a centre on 3 January in 2011 and seeking to contribute to the economic and social development in the Atakpamé zone by improving healthcare assistance and hygiene practices.

Delwende al Servicio (Delwende Service) came into being in 1997, in an initiative by the Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation, to support social action, health and education projects carried out in mission centres on four continents.

África Viva Foundation


The initiative aims to start monitoring children who are HIV positive or have AIDS and live in the Manhiça district, providing nutritional, pharmaceutical, emotional and clinical support and improving food practices among the population.  

The África Viva (Living Africa) Foundation is an NGO committed to improving health on the African continent and works actively on health projects in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Recover Foundation. Hospitals for África


A project which promotes Health 2.0 telemedicine, an innovative response to the request for aid from African doctors to offer support in diagnosing cases and for continual training from Spain.

The Recover Foundation works towards a sustainable health model in Sub-Saharan Africa, which is why, since 2007, it has supported health management and development in non-profit hospitals. 

Xaley Foundation


The aim of this work is to promote preventive health in communities, supporting official health structures from a social innovation and collaborative approach.

The Xaley Foundation works to guarantee high-quality inclusive and equal education for all. 

Radio ECCA Canaria Foundation


The goal of this award-winning project is to improve living conditions for the most disadvantaged people in the population by applying training action based on the ECCA teaching system.

Radio ECCA works to provide the best possible training for everybody and, as a priority, to those with greater cultural needs. These are established with roots that translate into literacy and basic education.