The figures

*Figures from the 2021 Annual Report.

These aren’t just percentages: there are people and actions behind each number that together help strengthen both our cause and the health systems in Africa, improving the lives of millions of people.


19,33% Training for health personnel, technical personnel and community collaborators


16,95% Diagnosis and confirmation of cases: support for laboratories, reagents, tests, diagnostic kits, etc.


15,74% Operating expenses and management staff


11,2% Research and production of evidence, monitoring and evaluation


11,2% Governance and coordination


9,51% Medicines and medical equipment for treatment, hygiene and disinfection


8,5% Construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures


7,57% Community awareness: workshops, materials, views, etc.
01 By-laws

Anesvad is a private foundation incorporated under Spanish law. Therefore, from a legal standpoint, it is a legal entity created to fulfil a purpose of general interest to which a fund is assigned. Anesvad is regulated by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport’s Foundation Commission.

See By-laws

02 Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics and Conduct sets out the ethical behaviour that the Anesvad team must respect when interacting with people and communities in vulnerable situations, its own employees and volunteers, partner institutions and external collaborators, donors, public and private institutions, suppliers and society in general, both in Spain and in any of the countries and territories where Anesvad works.

The purpose of this channel is for any person or organisation to report and/or communicate any potential improper, unethical or inappropriate conduct by anyone who is employed by, represents or is involved in with our organisation in any way.

03 Code of Good Governance

This document is based on the Principles of Good Governance and Good Management Practices proposed by the Spanish Association of Foundations. Developed by our Board of Trustees, it is designed to regulate good governance and promote good management practices that help us operate with greater transparency, thus fostering better communication with society and its stakeholders.

04 Code of Ethics for Collaboration with the Private Sector

This code establishes standards of compliance for the business sector that foster collaboration with organisations that demonstrate that they are sustainable and socially responsible.

05 Conflict of Interest Policy

We apply a policy to manage conflicts of interest, the aim of which is to prevent the personal, professional and/or political interests of the members of the Board of Trustees, the Coordination team and any member of the Foundation from interfering with the regular performance of their work in the organisation and to ensure that there is no personal, professional or political benefit to the detriment of the organisation.

06 Legislation
07 Advanced Management

We continuously incorporate best practices, models and methodologies that help us to improve our management, our work and the way we communicate what we do.

We are a partner of the Euskalit – Basque Foundation for Excellence, promoted by the Basque Government to strengthen and improve the management of organisations in the Basque Country. In addition, several members of our team are evaluators of management systems based on the Advanced Management Model promoted by Euskalit through its Evaluation Club, and the EFQM European Excellence Model.

If you would like to help us improve our work, please send us your queries, suggestions and, of course, your complaints by calling 94 441 80 08, by filling in the form below, by sending us an email to or by post.

Your opinion and your concerns are very important to the Anesvad Foundation and will help us to reflect and improve.

09 Salary Tables

We have mechanisms in place for the good governance of our foundation, based on honesty and shared responsibility.

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Anesvad Foundation 2021 Annual Report

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Memoria 2021
Memoria 2021

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