InfoNTD: a portal specializing in NTD

Imagen de InfoNTD: a portal specializing in NTD

InfoNTD is the biggest portal amassing up-to-date information on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) at a global level. It covers different aspects of these diseases. Such as prevention and monitoring, new advances in treatments, and other conditioning factors such as hygiene and sanitation, social inclusion, stigma, mental health and wellbeing.

Anesvad Foundation has participated in InfoNTDthe most significant portal on NTDs at a global level – since 2020. It is an international initiative lead by Netherlands Leprosy Relief, and there are over 250 organizations that contribute to building up the portal’s contents.

Thus, InfoNTD constitutes the largest repository of information on NTDs, and it focusses on integrated approaches to combat these 20 diseases and their associated health problems. It is the main portal at an international level to search for articles, electronic journals and electronic books on NTDs. It also offers those who are researching these diseases access to its restricted articles free of charge.

InfoNTD: much more than an online repository

As well as offering specialist articles on medical advances, InfoNTD also addresses social, economic, and human-rights issues. This includes scientific breakthroughs, guides and manuals tackling issues such as disability, access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), the gender perspective, and empowerment of local communities in relation to NTDs.It also has a monthly newsletter compiling all the latest articles about NTDs.

At Fundación Anesvad we collaborate with this portal with the aim of making knowledge about NTDs accessible at a global level. In this way the exchange of knowledge can help to research and tackle these neglected diseases in integrated manner. Working as a network is essential to finding solutions and to progressing in the control, elimination, and even eradication of these diseases, which affect over 1,000 million people around the planet.

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