We are

Responsible 100%
Of our socially and environmentally investments


December 100%
After four years of work, the Anesvad Foundation’s financial assets reached 100% of socially responsible investments (SRI -ESG) in 2019.


impact investing 26%

Financial Inclusion

No. of people 424,628 with access to financing in developing countries*. *The total number of clients reached by all financial inclusion partners (microfinance institutions) in 2020 is 40 million.
  • Women 75%
  • Men 25%
  • Rural 75%
  • Urban 25%

Co2 Emissions

Tonnes -9,570 Greenhouse gas emissions avoided.

Clean energy

MWh 7,603 Clean energy generated.


People trained 11,878 With access to education.

How do we do it?

We use our head and heart in equal parts.

And always investing in the right direction, with the right causes and the right ethics, choosing those causes and projects that help improve the lives of forgotten people and ensure our economic stability.

Transparency and Control

The leadership of the Anesvad Foundation’s Board of Trustees, an Expert Advisory board and the advice of an external advisor guides us in building our portfolio of impact investments.

We support

We support innovative initiatives and projects, encourage the participation of other organisations, and strengthen the growth of new funds that have a social and environmental impact.

Impact management

UNPRI assessment level

We promote and share

Commitment to the 2030 Agenda

We focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that have the strongest cause-effect relationship with our mission as a foundation, where Africa is the primary region of our work.


100% of our socially and environmentally responsible investments

26% impact investing

1st Spanish foundation signatory to the UNPRI

Wealth Management Policies

Statement of Ethical and Social Impact Investments


7 impact funds in Spain.

10 impact funds in Africa.


We assess the impact achieved through independent external and internal analysis, presenting the main milestones and impact on an annual basis.


Measured by an independent questionnaire that assesses the overall status of our responsible investments. Being transparent, being responsible.

Impact Report 2022

SpainNAB Toolkit for impact management


We work with leading platforms and foundations to support training, research and proposals for change to help bolster non-profit investment.

Impact Foundations fund

Toolkit for foundations

Impact investing in Spain


14.9 million invested with results in SDGs

Impact Report 2021

Impact Report 2022

At anesvad Foundation we support those causes and projects that help improve people’s lives, in addition to guaranteeing our economic sustainability.

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Impact Report
Impact Report

Advisory Board

We manage the Foundation’s assets in accordance with ethical, social, labor, environmental and good corporate governance (ESG) principles, excluding investment in all types of activities considered immoral or questionable.

Isabel Goiri

Isabel Goiri


José Antonio Ruiz-Garma

José Antonio Ruiz-Garma


José Moncada

José Moncada


Marta de la Cuesta

Marta de la Cuesta



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