The advantages of being a solidarity company

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The close collaboration between civil society, the authorities, and the private sector is nowadays essential for resolving the major challenges of humanity ‘without leaving anyone behind’. Solidarity companies can contribute to this change while at the same time enjoying numerous advantages.

For Fundación Anesvad, complying with the sustainable development goals is much more than just a target, it is part of our cause. We are joined on this path by thousands of people who are committed to a fairer and more equal world. And we are also joined by over one thousand solidarity companies, which contribute on different fronts.

What are the benefits of being a solidarity company?

Solidarity companies, as well as contributing to the ability of social organizations to generate changes in favour of sustainable development, also receive attractive incentives and benefits. Some of these advantages received by solidarity companies are listed below:

  • Their teams experience increased pride of belonging when they assist with social justice and sustainable development.
  • The social organizations with which they collaborate publicise the support they receive from such businesses to their associates and through all of their external publicity channels: website, magazines, reports, events, the press…
  • Businesses increase their transparency and accountability, measuring the impact of their contribution with the information supplied by the social organizations with which they collaborate.
  • They benefit from tax breaks by being able to write off some of their contributions: 35% of the value of the donation against Corporation Tax for the first 3 years, and 40% if collaboration exceeds 3 years.
  • They contribute to meeting the 2030 Agenda sustainable development goals.

Do you have a business and want to contribute to change? We encourage you to turn it into a solidarity company.

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