Where no one else looks. We shine a light on neglected diseases

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With the slogan ‘Where no one else looks’ we launched an awareness campaign to shine a light on one of the most overlooked injustices on the planet: the neglect of crippling diseases such as leprosy, Buruli ulcer, yaws, or lymphatic filariasis.

Forgotten people who suffer neglected diseases. Those people who no one looks at or treats are our raison d’être. Because Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) are not just anecdotal. They cripple and they still affect millions of people in areas where access to healthcare, to drinking water, to hygiene, and to sanitation are inadequate. But because of their limited visibility, combating them is often not considered a priority.

At Fundación Anesvad we believe that we must look these people in the eye and contribute to bringing them out of their oblivion and give them a decent life. Because to forget them is to forget that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

Creating opportunities where no one else looks

For 50 years we have been working where no one else looks. We research diseases that no one else treats. We carry out projects that bring changes to societies, populations, and countries allowing them to build quality healthcare systems. Because curing neglected diseases is not just about curing a handful of people.

This is why we want you to look at the forgotten people who suffer neglected diseases. We have chosen six large-scale advertising hoardings in cities in Bizkaia and Madrid which, just like the forgotten people with whom we work, are places that pass unnoticed because of their location. The idea is to target large ‘neglected hoardings’ and fill them with the faces no one looks at, but which demand to be seen.We have worked with the Beninese photographer Yanick Folly, who has photographed the people suffering from NTDs with whom we work in Benin; and with the renowned photo-journalist Olmo Calvo, who specializes in ‘looking where no one else looks’.

We want to portray an ugly, harsh, unpleasant reality, and therefore one that is invisible. The reality of the fight against NTDs which, even if it does not affect us directly, is still there.

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