World Health Day: Health belongs to all of us

Imagen de World Health Day: Health belongs to all of us

On World Health Day, numerous organizations have joined forces to launch SANIDAD, an open space to defend the universal Right to Health. Our declaration of intent follows below:

We believe in Universal, Accessible, and Quality Healthcare. No exclusions. No matter where you were born or how much purchasing power you have. No matter the colour of your skin or who is in government. Healthcare without distinctions, without exclusions, without buts. Health in capital letters.

We believe that access to healthcare systems cannot be a privilege. That we must defend one of the most important treasures we have as a society. That we must ensure its sustainability. That is why we encourage those who defend this cause and who make healthcare a reality to highlight and to demonstrate the value of this brand. To seize it, share it, use it, criticise it, improve it, but above all defend it.

Manifesto for HEALTH

Whether we like it or not, brands are those mirrors that we as persons use to define ourselves. Brands are important. They sell. They mark you out. Health should not be one of them. No way. We do not believe in that. We are not selling anything. We are not seeking differentiation. What’s more, we don’t understand them.

Have you ever wondered why it is that you and I can access healthcare systems and other people can’t? Why does it matter where you were born or how much spending power you have? What does it matter who’s in government? Or your skin colour? If there’s another virus tomorrow, will we be ready?

HEALTH is not a logo, it is a longing, a Right.

It’s yours, it’s everyone’s. Seize it, share it, use it, take it with you, compare it, visit it, paint it, criticise it, improve it, use it. If you’re going to brag about a brand, let it be this one.

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